What impact will Covid-19 have on Generation Alpha?

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What impact will Covid-19 have on Generation Alpha?

Generation Alpha. The next generation of children born in 2010 and beyond. The generation born and shaped fully in the 21st century. The generation we all have grave concerns for due to the unknown long-term effects Covid-19.

Whilst the immediate effects of Covid-19 are changing weekly, sometimes daily, the full extent of the virus and how it will change our future generations is an unnerving unknown.

What will they remember about the global pandemic that they lived through and what will they learn from it? Will they remember the home schooling and how everyone had to develop a new level of patience and tolerance? What impact will the lack of social connections have on our future generation from not being able to see their grandparents or friends?

Will they remember Australia heading into its biggest recession since the great depression and seeing many family and friends face extreme financial hardship and emotional strain? Will they remember how society reacted to impending announcements of lockdowns and learn how to evolve and survive in ominous circumstances?

What is the biggest burden on their future lives going to be? Will it be repaying the copious debt from government or the way society evolves and interacts?

Will they be forced to develop resilience in a way that previous generations have not? Will they capitalise on the integration of technology in their lives and how it defines the expectations of workplaces and industries?

How will they be able to reach their full potential when their founding years were hit with colossal adversity?

How do we as parents, corporate citizens, and people help our future generations through this climate and do our bit to build them a future they can thrive in?

If the past is a good indicator of the future, perhaps Generation Alpha will be our greatest generation yet, similar to those that survived the Great Depression and laid the foundation for the world we have lived in for the last 60 years.

Whilst 2020 will likely be one of the toughest years for many of us, what’s something you can do to ensure Generation Alpha can reach their potential?