R U OK day virtual morning tea.

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R U OK day virtual morning tea.

This year’s R U OK day came as a timely reminder to check in on not only our family, friends, colleagues and the wider community, but to also check in on ourselves and how we are all feeling, especially through this challenging year of our lives.

Our team at Forum Recruitment held a virtual morning tea to check in on one another and ask those meaningful questions that we can often avoid due to busy schedules or not knowing what to say or how to handle responses that may have deeper emotions than we anticipated.

The phrase, a conversation could change a life’ is significant now more than ever during COVID-19, so whilst catching up over our chai lattes, flat whites and delicious morning tea treats, the team committed to having a meaningful conversation with at least 5 people to check in on them and see how they are going.

Working in the recruitment industry means that we are engaging with a range of people daily who are all facing different circumstances in their career and life. It’s no surprise that many employees within the Property industry have been faced with redundancy, reduction in hours or pay and career uncertainty.  The more conversations we have with candidates and employers across the Property and Facilities Management Industry, it is apparent that COVID is putting an immense strain on people’s mental health and wellbeing as well as their feeling of stability and self-worth, highlighting how important it is to reach out to those in our lives both personally and professionally.

R U OK day’s catchphrase of ‘There’s more to say after R U OK’ reminds us all that we need to continue having these meaningful conversations every day throughout the year, not just on the national day of action, as asking a simple question like are you ok can help someone feel supported and access appropriate help long before they’re in crisis, which can make a positive difference to their life.

Our team at Forum is committed to continuing these meaningful conversations both in our work and home lives, as we never truly know what someone is feeling or going through until we ask the question.

If you or someone you know are struggling with life’s ups and downs, make sure you reach out and start a conversation, it may well change someone’s life.


Emily Milner – Customer Success Manager