5 tips for Property Managers considering a career change

5 tips for Property Managers considering a career change

If you are a Commercial Property manager wondering whether now is the time to consider changing jobs, this might be the help you need!

Commercial Property Recruitment specialist, Katrina Read shares her top five tips for Property Managers that may be seeking a career change.

  • Before commencing your search, seek advice from a mentor, professional coach, or your manager about the areas you need to improve to take your career to the next level.
  • If there is something that frustrates you about your current position, seek out the appropriate people or channels and provide them feedback in a constructive way and give them the opportunity to make the changes you need. How employers manage this, will give you confidence to make an informed decision to stay or leave.
  • Take a deep dive into what motivates you; what skills, experience and/or challenges you are seeking and what benefits you are looking for that are important to you.
  • Spend time researching the market to gain a better understanding of current market trends to better understand remuneration, expectations on property managers, perks, benefits and cultural differences of organisations.  Reach out to former colleagues and friends that have moved jobs in the industry or chat to a specialist property recruiter who will give you authentic advice about your job search.
  • Invest your time in updating your CV with current, accurate and relative experience and ensure you include a breakdown of the portfolio including a breakdown of asset classes/portfolio, NLA/GLA, key tenancies/landlords etc.

As a Property Manager, you may be approached about roles when you aren’t considering a move, this can be a great time to assist you in getting some insight into where you are compared to where you should be.

If you are a Commercial Property Manager seeking authentic career advice, reach out to the team at Forum Recruitment to help you reach your full potential. To see current job opportunities in commercial property click here